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Kimiko is a Certified Tea Specialist, esteemed educator, skilled blender, and visionary behind the award-winning KIMICHA tea company. Her illustrious journey spans every aspect of tea from sourcing, to production, to distribution. From the fields of cultivation to factory operations, blending, tea cupping, and sales her unparalleled expertise shines through. As a pioneer in the tea world, Kimiko became one of the earliest Certified Tea Specialists globally and has been imparting her extensive tea knowledge to future Tea Sommeliers since 2009.
A true Matcha connoisseur, Kimiko's passion led her to popularize and promote this exceptional beverage, well ahead of its trend, starting as far back as 2004. Guided by a mission to infuse modern vitality into tea culture, KIMICHA is committed to sharing the delight of tea and seamlessly integrating its pleasures and benefits into modern lifestyles. This led her to set up the first Tea Festival in North America in 2010. This model and approach of hers have inspired Tea Festivals in many cities since.
Her dedication to sourcing the finest artisanal teas from China, Japan, Korea, India, and Sri Lanka, has won her first-place recognition for best black tea and secured third place for oolong in the North American Tea Championship, showcasing her commitment to excellence in the art of tea.
Kimiko's academic pursuits provided the foundation for her expertise, with studies at Japan's ICU, UK’s University of Nottingham, and the French grande école in Paris, ESCP, where she achieved a Master’s Business degree with merit. Her commitment to education also led to a role as an instructor for the Tea Sommelier course at Algonquin College, Canada, in 2009, where she inspired and trained future tea enthusiasts.
Bio Highlights:
20 years immersed in the world of tea
Founder of the Ottawa Tea Festival 2010
Achieved top honors for best black tea and oolong (first and third place)
Among the pioneering cohort of Certified Tea Specialists globally (New York Tea Institute)
Elevated tea education as an instructor for the Tea Sommelier course at Algonquin College, Canada (2009)
Academic journey: Studied in Japan at ICU, University of Nottingham, and EAP-ESCP Paris with merit

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