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Tania Stacey

East Forged
Tania entered the tea industry in 2013 after sharing a cup of green tea with a teapot shop owner in China.  The green tea was so delicious she knew she had to learn more about tea.  As a 20-year Sales veteran, she believes that you should know your product well to sell.  Her first tea study trip was to Taiwan where he heart was captured by the generosity of the Taiwanese tea people.  Tania has made regular trips since that year and she dived deeper into the teas of Taiwan.  In Australia, she promotes Taiwanese tea through her business – Cuppa Cha.  Tania has been a WTE guest speaker, Tea Judge and even become the 2017 World Tea Brewing Champion.  She went on to represent Australia in China and was placed 4th against 24 other competitors. While creating signature drinks for the brewing competition, Tania began to see the possibilities of creating a “better for you” iced tea.  In 2017, Tania met a fellow Australian tea specialist Kym Cooper and discovered a shared passion for creating the perfect on-the-go tea beverage.  Together they co-founded East Forged, a new style of tea beverage company.