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Stijn VanSchoonlandt

Stijn Van Schoonlandt grew up in the food industry and his passion for food and exotic flavors is
therefore no surprise. He runs the coffee and tea business Kruze in Belgium, the chocolate capital of
the world. Besides roasting his own coffees and making his own tea blends, Stijn works together
with different chocolatiers to pair chocolate and tea for different occasions. One of his award-winning tea blends is based on his favorite chocolate and, who knows, it will be part of this tasting.
Stijn has been head of the jury for the Tea Masters Cup in Belgium and he teaches about tea and tea
blending at various locations worldwide. In 2022, due to his passion for Japanese cuisine and tea,
Stijn created a tea and sushi workshop for his business. In his free time, he experiments a lot using
tea in food preparations like tea cocktails, mocktails, smoked meat with rooibos, desserts,… .