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Ravi Pillai

Global Tea Beverage Challenge
An expert in the industry with 40 years of experience, Ravi began his career running tea plantations in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and progressed through all facets of the teacup from planting, production, international marketing, buying, selling, blending, consulting, quality control and development. Ravi, can brag of tasting over a thousand different teas from across the globe, be it China or Colombia, Mozambique, Uganda, to Taiwan, Nepal, Turkey to India or Laos, from the east to the west, and of course Sri Lanka. He even has proficiently extended his palate to South Africa’s Rooibos or Guayusa from Ecuador to Mates or Coffee Leaf.
Ravi’s extensive travels through the Gulf Middle East, Africa, Far East Asia, Europe, and North America have given him advanced knowledge of processing methods, tea cultures, and social communities.
He was actively involved in the Spice industry and served on the Management Board of the Sri Lanka Spice Association for many years.
A former Board Director of the Tea & Herbal Assoc. of Canada and the Advisory Board of the World Tea Expo USA, Ravi still officiates at tea championships and competitions in Canada and in the US and sits on various panels for tea certification programs.  He continues to present at Trade Shows in Canada and the USA.
A Director of Tea Quality & Development at David'sTea, Ravi directs the quality department, classic tea sourcing, development of sachets, and all other serving formats.