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Carine Baudry is the nose who graduated from ISIPCA International Institute of French Arts of perfumery, cosmetic and food flavorings. Her ten-year experience in creating aromas and fragrances has enabled her to develop a detailed knowledge of sensory evaluation and creation. She has specialised in tea and plants for more than 15 years now. She created a teaching method in which the olfactive approach is at the heart of the training and develops a sensory and descriptive dialectic of teas. From this adventure a sensory set was born: La QuintEssence du thé which discusses the role of the senses in tasting and teaches the vocabulary of the senses.
She created the training centre La QuintEssence which provides training courses, advice and guidance in sensory expertise. Within this framework not only does she assist companies, restaurants, and private individuals in tea and tasting expertise but she also helps tea producers in optimizing their process and adding value to their products; as an international expert, she also takes part in the development projects with many producing countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos…
Today she is the Creative and sourcing director for the Nunshen tea brand. She cooperates closely with renowned chefs and sommeliers to promote tea as a gourmet beverage. Feeling convinced that both tea and herbal teas bring a beautiful alternative to food pairing, she developed expertise in the art of pairing teas and food and mastering service like a tea sommelier.
She actively participates in AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products)
as the chair lady of a panel of experts for the « Teas of the world international and infusions contest »
She travels around the world to meet tea producers, to source and to better understand all the magic of tea so as to share it with the stakeholders, producers, suppliers or consumers.
She has maintained a privileged relationship with the world of fragrances and perfume having taught at ISIPCA in Versailles for more than 5 years.
“Since I was very young, I've been fascinated by the magic of scents and, more generally, by the magic of the 5 senses. I was quickly sensitised to this approach. As a child, I could see myself travelling to faraway lands to discover new flavours! My first book on spices, given to me by my father when I was 10, served as a guide to my wildest dreams. This quest has always driven me, and I've made a career out of it. Going out to meet the people who work to bring us these marvellous products, passing on an understanding of scents and textures, and teaching consumers to understand and respect a product - all this is what guides my path and what drives me. I regularly travel to Asian countries to meet producers in search of as-yet-unknown high-quality teas ("sourcing"). It's a wonderful opportunity to meet new people! There's no better place to feed my creativity than by discovering other cultures, a different culinary art, and plants and spices that are always surprising!”
Her works :
La QuintEssence du Thé : Coffret sensoriel d’aide à la dégustation du Thé
(Tea tasting sensory set)
La Cuisine au Thé, co-écrit avec le chef étoilé Sylvain Sendra, Edition Agnès Vienot
(co-authored with the Michelin-starred chef Sylvain Sendra)
L’Instant Cru, Marie Sophie L., pairing thé et mets.
(Tea and food pairing)