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Alexander Kay

Satemwa Tea Estates
Third Generation Tea Maker
Alexander Kay from Satemwa Tea Estates in Malawi is a third-generation tea maker. His passion is to craft the best possible teas for his international customers.
Alexander is the grandson of the founder of Satemwa. Alexander currently leads the team at Satemwa and is also involved in the industry in other capacities; as a director of the tea association of Malawi and as a director and member of the Research Committee for the Tea Research Foundation of Malawi.
Having grown up on a tea estate (Satemwa), tea has always been around him. From playing hide and seek in tea fields to running around the factory as a kid. He enjoyed the farming side of tea, but developed a deep interest over the last 15 years when he began to understand the complexity of flavors that can be produced from a single plant and how that can be influenced both in the field and the factory.